All-Inclusive Pricing:


  • High-quality frame and mat board (passepartout)
  • UV-resistant special acrylic protective glass
  • Handmade, personalized protective cover
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Shipping costs
  • 21% tax
  • A lot of love and time

pop art silver grey your unique embroidered portrait pop art style


Order your unique custom embroidered pop art silver/grey style portrait from your photo, of someone you love or just someone who deserves a unique personal gift.

(+/- 50cm x 50cm / 19.7 x 19.7 in)

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Custom Embroidered Pop Art Silver/Grey Portrait

Transform your cherished photo into a stunning embroidered pop art portrait. Whether it's a picture of yourself, a loved one, or someone special for a unique gift, our personalized service brings your memories to life in vibrant pop art style.

How It Works

  • Upload your favorite photo.
  • Choose your preferred frame.
  • Select the perfect mat board.

Exclusive Extras

As an added bonus, receive a free vector file of your portrait. (order as a product please) Plus, opt for a timelapse video to watch the creation process of your unique artwork.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Our transparant pricing covers everything:

  • High-quality frame and mat board (passepartout)
  • UV-resistant special acrylic protective glass
  • Handmade, personalized protective cover
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Shipping costs
  • 21% tax
  • A lot of love and time

Create a timeless piece of art that captures the essence of your favorite moments. Order your custom embroidered pop art portrait today!

VIDEO 1: Personalized Embroidered Portraits by ML Embroidered Memories | Choose your Style

Looking for a unique and personalized embroidered portrait? ML Embroidered Memories by Marieke Lubach offers a variety of stunning portrait embroidery styles to choose from. Our simple ordering process includes:

  1. Select Your Style: Explore beautiful embroidery styles to match your taste.
  2. Choose Your Size: Find the perfect size to complement your portrait and space.
  3. Frame It Up: Elevate your artwork with a high-quality frame selection.
  4. Add a Finishing Touch: Personalize your piece with a custom paspartout.
  5. Send US Your Picture: Provide your favorite portrait, and we’ll handle the rest.

We offer a digital preview for approval before stitching begins. All prices include embroidered artwork, a high-quality frame, paspartout, and free shipping.

VIDEO 2: Timelaps of a Captivating Embroidery Journey| ML Embroidered Memories

Experience the meticulous art of embroidery with ML Embroidered Memories by Marieke Lubach.

Watch our time-lapse video as it showcases the creation of a stunning portrait of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, stitch by meticulous stitch.

Witness the transformation of blank fabric into a regal masterpiece, capturing the Queen's elegance and intricate details.

This video highlights the skill and dedication involved in every piece we create.

VIDEO 3: Certificate of Authenticity

We take pride in the quality and authenticity of our embroidered portraits. Every portrait comes with a Certificate of Authenticity securely attached to the back. This certificate guarantees that each piece is an original creation, crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail.


Watch the timelapse video to see how we attach your certificate, so it preserves the value of your artwork. Our certificates include the artist's signature, place and the date of creation, and the name of the person in the portrait. Providing a reliable and Unique record of authenticity for collectors and art enthusiasts.

By offering a Certificate of Authenticity, we affirm our commitment to delivering only the highest quality embroidered portraits, making each piece a valuable addition to your art collection.

Video 4: Handcrafted Customized Protective Cover (FREE WITH YOUR PORTRAIT)

At ML Embroidered Memories, Marieke meticulously crafts not only your exquisite embroidered portrait. Our commitment to quality and detail ensures that you receive a portrait, not only with a high quality handcrafted frame and Acrylic “glass”, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, but it also comes in a custom-made protective case.

Watch the timelapse video to see Marieke in action, creating these beautiful and durable covers. Each cover is designed to safeguard your portrait, ensuring it remains in pristine condition. Our protective cases are tailored to fit your artwork perfectly, combining functionality with elegance.

We believe that every aspect of our product, from the embroidery to the protective cover, should reflect our dedication to excellence. Experience the artistry and care that go into every piece, making your portrait a treasured keepsake.



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