Vector File

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We can send you the vector file of your photo (only with popart rainbow, gold and silver)  for free if you want.

In order to convert your Popart Gold, Silver or Rainbow, to embroidery file, we must first convert your portrait (photo) to a vector file.

Currently you can receive this from us for free (downloadable). But you need to add it to the cart please.

Please note only for pop art portraits. For the other portraits we do not need a vector file to convert it to embroidery file.

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We nhave to create vector files of your photo/portrait, for Pop Art Rainbow, Gold, and Silver portraits to program your photo/portrait into an embroidery file.

As a customer, you can receive this vector file for free by adding it to your cart.
A vector file is perfect for high-quality prints, socialmedia, website or further digital editing.

For Classic and Sketch, we do not require a vector file. Therefore, you cannot order those with them. Sorry.


F.Y.I.: We can create vector files for everyone. Please use our contact form, upload your file and we can vectorize it for you for € 29.95